Thursday, 4 August 2011

Illustration Friday - "Obsession"

I feel kinda proud of myself today because I accomplished two important things:

1. I managed to clean up my room

2. I made a new painting after months of inertia.

The painting:  
 The Silent Sound of Music
The Silent Sound of Music by Little Pixy Boots
This painting is a mix of acrylic and oil paint - I usually prefer acrylic because it dries fast and I don't have to worry about smudging it after I'm done with it, because it's virtually waterproof. But I do like oils too, especially if I use it sparingly because colours blend very well together and it has a creamier texture to it because it is oil-based, unlike water-based acrylic.

So anyway, this painting is based on my poem "No Need to Travel" inspired by my obsession of the silent sound of music.

What is the "silent" sound of music?

It's the music you hear in your heart's ears during meditation. For me, it comes and goes every few months and during June, when I was quite sick with fever, my ears vibrated with music unheard of normally.

The poem:  

No Need to Travel

As I lay fevered in my bed
Several noises fill my head
My breath a battered battleground
My heart a hardworking beating sound
Yet what is that I also hear -
Something unheard with physical ear?
No one and nothing can explain
the loud hum of horn in another plane
the beautiful harp that plays so sweetly
the sparkle of stars that twinkles gently
the faraway chimes of bells of church
where no bell is there if you search

If I'm lucky I catch a flight
a train of flute that comes on light
There is no need to travel
for sounds of Heaven
It comes to the humble
who walk in their garden
No need for fancy flights or OBE
I'm experiencing these within my body
Grateful I am to the K 
for bringing me on a journey in this way.

~ Little Pixy Boots

Silent Sound of Music - closeup of head
Silent Sound of Music - closeup of horn
Silent Sound of Music - closeup of bells
Silent Sound of Music - closeup of heart
Silent Sound of Music - closeup of harp

Silent Sound of Music - closeup of star
I used gold and shimmering violet on the instruments to indicate they are spiritual and not physical.
The blue background was done with oil paints - and they are not dry yet!

The sound of stars are the most obvious to me during meditation - it's a sound hard to describe.
Almost like static but nicer.

Hope you've enjoyed this painting :)


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