Thursday, 24 June 2010

Review of Lim Hui and Lim Yan's music recital

This is the review of the recital ( ) for which I designed the publicity and programme booklet. I was rather excited to read the review of the recital and was very glad that the recital was a successful one! Congratulations to Lim Yan and Lim Hui!

The author of the review used my design and wrote beautifully about the recital. Unfortunately, he modified my design to fit his blog. I just hoped that this picture below did not appear in the Straits Times, the most widely read English newspaper in Singapore.

If I was more anal or if this happened in America, I might have taken offence that my design was edited in such a "non-artistic" way without my permission. But I shall be generous this time and let this go, even though it goes against my artistic sensibilities very much.

However I feel more and understand better why copyright laws exist - to protect the sensibilities and inspiration of creatives and artists in the world. It's just a necessary evil that such a "hard, business-like" environment like law has to exist to protect the "soft" arts. Perhaps I should work with a lawyer in my next artistic endeavour? :)

Today's a cloudy day in Oslo, 17 degrees in the middle of the summer. Nice warm weather you are serving up, Norway. I guess it's positive that I'm not sweating buckets like the rest of my friends in Singapore....

xoxoxox to my friends in Singapore!


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