Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stargazing - full colour illustration

A few weeks ago, I drew this illustration for my friend, in memory of her two beloved hamsters who passed away. Their names were Pouch and Piggles.

Stargazing - in full colour
I added lotus flowers as clothes for the guanyin / angel to my previous incomplete illustration for Illustration Friday and added colour in Photoshop to her hair, skin, eyes and the moon. I also added ... 

... glow to the stars, in very faint pink, blue and yellow, as how stars are in the actual night sky. 

What I like most about my drawing is that I used an actual photo of Pouch and Piggles to copy and paste their tiny ears, fur and noses into my illustration to merge them together.

In memory of 
Professor Pouch (June 2008 - November 2009) 
Mister Pigglesworth (June 2008 - August 2010)
They were brothers from the same litter.

This way, their portraits would always be a part of this illustration, while being taken care of by their personal guardian angel

See the texture of their fur?

Of course, I made the goddess/angel/guanyin into a meinu ("beautiful lady" in Mandarin) because who doesn't like to look at beauties? :P

Guanyin / angel / goddess
I actually modelled her lips after a friend and singer I knew, who has the most sensuous lips I know. Her name also carries the meaning of compassion, so I thought it was appropriate.

Stargazing - hair of guanyin / angel
I drew the hair such that it seemed to cover the night sky and blend into one with it, releasing all the stars it contained into the sky. The mother of the universe taking care of little details like the stars and the Milky Way, for the little hamsters to enjoy. Even little hamsters have a soul and are taken care of by the great mother, and guardian angel.

See my previous post for the "before" picture, if you haven't already... 

Rest in peace, little 'uns....


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