Friday, 20 August 2010

Illustration Friday: Stargazing

Stargazing by littlepixyboots
This week's theme was stargazing and I decided to pay a tribute to my best friend's hamster Piggles, who just passed away last week. I hope that with this illustration, my friend knows that there is life after death, and her beloved hamsters are always well taken care of by a special angel....

Now they are at peace, enjoying the star-gazing in the dark and quiet.

The illustration has been drawn in light grey ink (by ZIG Clean Color TC-6000 Japan) and digitally coloured in Photoshop. It's still a work in progress, as I have decided to take my time to really work on it.

I've incorporated Buddhist elements of the Guanyin and the concept of a guardian angel that is omnipresent and blends into the night sky. I decided to draw the stars in the cross-form as I know it would bring comfort to my Christian friend. The circle behind the angel/Guanyin's head can be interpreted as the moon or her halo. As a moon, it would evoke a mother symbol, the feminity and nurturing nature of women and that compassionate quality of God.

*I know, sounds a little new-agey, right? I didn't mean to.*

Love to you, my dear friend Kerjie.

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