Friday, 18 December 2009

My Personal Guardian Angel - Seraphina

 A few years ago I met a psychic lady who told me she could see my guardian angel. I sat down for tea with her and our mutual friend then, and during the tea session, my angel talked to me through her. The mysterious thing that happened after was that this psychic lady then forgot every single thing about the whole conversation, as if she was just a medium and not meant to hold on to the information. She even forgot the name of my angel.

I immediately warmed to the name of my angel when she first told me her name - Seraphina. Such a beautiful fairy-like name! What a beautiful name it is! Later I found out that her name means "fire" and it seems to match the colour of her auburn hair which the psychic lady mentioned.

I painted this after I was inspired by the psychic session, and before I even knew how to meditate. Sometimes I just know that she is next to me holding me. Once I was meditating and I was in some discomfort yet I tried to persevere. Suddenly I felt a warm stroking sensation on my cheek and a feeling of love came over me. I later asked this psychic lady what it was.
She chuckled when she opened her eyes (I did disturb her nap...) and she said: "Can't you see the golden angel wings? She was stroking you, trying to give you comfort."

As such, this is my painting dedicated to my guardian angel, who knows my every thought, deed and heart, yet so relentlessly giving kindness, love and guidance to me despite my imperfections. Thank you Seraphina, I hope to see you soon if I ever have the fortune to.

*7 sleeps to Christmas!*
:) pixy


  1. This is interesting as a psychic pulled the Seraphina angel card for me today and said it was a very good card. As it turns out, I have auburn hair and am a fire sign as well. Interesting.

    1. This is very interesting and thanks for sharing!

  2. How can I contact Seraphina please?

    1. Hi! I don't know how you may contact Seraphina, but I think they usually respond to visualisation of them and just prayer. If you ask and seek sincerely, you will find.


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