Tuesday, 5 October 2010

480 unread emails?!

Season: Mid-Autumn, Oct 5 2010. Weather Forecast: Overcast and windy. Look at those beautiful red leaves! I've been watching them turn yellow, orange and red while I tip-tapped on my Macbook.

Recently I've been lagging behind my emails, and my drawings as well.

Of course my mind comes up with plenty of excuses - I'd got my wedding to think about, housework, job applications, yadah yadah...

Speaking of my wedding...I recently finished my "Thank you" card for my lovely wedding guests. Here it is!

But this number "480" (omg) hit my inbox as the number of unread emails (mostly from Facebook and other subscriptions) and that gave me a wake-up call. No more procrastination, time to shape up or ship out, time to clear up your mess. 

Yes, I've also learnt the importance of trimming my email subscriptions and Facebook notifications. Those emails I have a reluctance to read immediately? I decided to be ruthless and hit "unsubscribe" to them for the rest of my life...or as far as my resolve goes.

So I do apologise for those who have emailed me and waited a month for a reply. I've replied a few now. I promise to stay on top of my emails, and not have so many nonsense emails clogging up my important ones.

Time to vacuum my room...

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