Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Personal Thank You Card for Wedding Guests

Since my wedding in mid-September, I've been working on and off on my Thank You card to our lovely guests at our Sandefjord wedding. 

It was an amazing day - it was sunny, I didn't have to stress about my makeup and hair (because of the capable hands of my bridesmaid), and a best man who doubled up as a photographer too. The food at our dinner was very satisfactory too, and our Fremstad's Bed and Breakfast in Sandefjord was such a beautiful appropriate place for us to relax and have a wonderful breakfast at a very reasonable price.

The only glitch in the day, was that the absent-minded bride (yep, that's me) forgot her bridal bouquet, and ended up spending another 500 Norwegian Krones (that's USD 86 or SGD 112) for another one in Sandefjord.  No point in driving 4 hours back to and forth our house to get my original beautiful bouquet, which was in the cool storage space of a closet. 500 kr is considered cheap too, in Norway. Gosh. I had spent more on my original one.

I don't have much photos to post yet, because they are on their way from my best man...I hope he has posted them.
Luckily I had a few photos in my own camera and this is what I came up with:
Thank You Card for Wedding Guests
Remember my previous post  Revisiting Illustration Friday: Dessert ?

What I changed was to draw another bridegroom - this time my handsome Viking Man in a striking Norwegian bunad. I had to scrounge around the internet with my broken Norwegian to look for male bunad pictures. Now a bunad is basically a traditional Norwegian folk costume that Norwegians are proud of parading in on Constitution Day, 17 May. I hope to own one myself one day, but a usual custom-made one costs 10,000 NOK (omg, that's like SGD 2,250) and I think when I earn lots of money, I shall give myself a birthday treat and buy me'self 'un av those fancy stuff. 

I would like to take pictures in one of those fancy Chinese bridal costume too... Always thought they looked heavy but pretty. Something you should do once in your lifetime, if you know what I mean. But on my wedding day, I settled for something that looked fairytale-like, and a little frilly. I also wore my friend's nice Indian costume that made me look regal (haha, as if I would ever be part of royalty).  But I think my Viking Man sometimes fancies me to be a princess, a pussycat, or a cutie-pie, since he deems it fit to call me those nicknames at any given time.

As a nice touch, I added a photo of the Kremmerhuset bowl, from the real wedding gifts we received from the guests. We haven't used them in 3D reality, but we are using them in virtual 2D reality :)

Again, pictures are on their way....soon I hope to post some here. 

So, I'm thinking of using this card as a template for future products on my Zazzle store too. I need to get cracking on that too; alas, time is too short in a day for me to do all that I want to do. 

pixy trudging along... 

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  1. This is wonderful, I have never seen such an invitation like these before.


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