Saturday, 9 January 2010

"Pioneer" 2/2 - Beta Version

"Pioneer 2"
This is a version I modified from Pioneer 1, because now this picture carries a meaning of how a person passes away and gains the flower of wisdom and Knowledge from all the smog and blindness on Earth.

The flowers were drawn on another piece of paper, then digitally added with Photoshop. I had to trace the outlines of the cars, highways, trucks and wings before I started sketching flowers on top of a second piece of paper. Then the process of scanning the flowers and moving them into place on the digital copy of Pioneer 1 was quite fun even though it's time-consuming.

I also modified the look of the pilot of the flying red car to an male ang mor (white person) because it is in the memory of such a person who has managed to be the pioneer of his own heart's longing.

x pixy

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