Friday, 1 January 2010

Illustration Friday - "Pioneer" 1/2

Happy New Year Everyone!

This is my drawing of the week for the theme "Pioneer". I was inspired by the recent Copenhagen talks about environmental consciousness and I actually drew this in the style of "What do you think the 21st century or the year 2000 would be like?"

You know, like how I used to draw when I was a kid? I remember imagining vests with jets (body jets) and cars that fly in the sky.

I've designed this car now as the Pioneer car to fly in the sky using environmentally friendly energy sources, e.g. wind power, electricity, and collects rainwater for drinking and recycling at the same time as it flies.

I would be the first one to fly in the sky above the stinking choking cars of the past, using Oil, for god's sake, and giving out polluting carbon. If I could, I would invent such a vehicle.

A father of an acquiantance passed away suddenly on Christmas Eve and someone told me maybe this was inspiration from his passing. The soul being free from the choking dense earth, disconnected from the energy source of the Earth, flying high above other people and being blown by the breath of the divine and collecting the little drops of mercy from Heaven. Quite far from my intention but I see very well that it could be interpreted like that...

Whatever it is, the fireworks are starting in the Norwegian sky so  I must go...
Happy New Year!
x pixy

P.S. Click here to view "Pioneer - Beta Version"


  1. What a totally, utterly cute drawing, and what a sweet name for a blog! Love it!

  2. Oh, if only this vision could come true! Love your drawing and your story. Especially like the fan with the wings and the water collecting champange glass!


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