Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Illustration Friday - "Hatch" 2

This is one of my current drawings that I originally drew for a children's book. The birdie behind is a "star" and the main characters are this boy and the little mouse. However the story's since changed so probably this will end up as drawing practice...

I thought this fits into the theme "Hatch" as well because the word hatch can also refer to an opening like a doorway, and there is one here in the front where the boy and mouse could climb into the cockpit. Of course the birdie star is also based on the mythological Garuda bird, which is the vehicle of Krishna etc etc, and is hatched from magical means.

The story called for many gadgets within the spacecraft (which is actually a "star" that crash-landed in this little boy's backyard) so I thought of making it more mechanical and copper-looking. Much of my research revolves around looking for pictures of the Garuda in Indonesian mythology and Hinduism, as I remembered visiting Indonesia and they had Mr Garuda's image plastered everywhere in the temples and on the streets. He's an important part of festivals there too. Mr Garuda is actually a pretty fierce creature who eats his cousins - the sea-serpents - for lunch (=@.

Right now, I drew him as being out of gas and broken down, and his eyes are closed. Look from a further distance and I'm sure you can see his eyes shut. Actually, I think he looks like a puffin too, with rather exotic winged ears... The lotus flower spot on his forehead could shine beams into dark matter of the universe :) The little mouse is the pilot and he plays rock music to dispel his loneliness in space.

I'm also inspired by an Australian artist, Shaun Tan. He has published some amazing books, like "The Lost Thing" and "Tales from Outer Suburbia".

Hope my viewers enjoy this drawing, I spent a lot of time on it...

* 9 sleeps until Christmas! Excited? I am. *
x pixy


  1. Love this, there's so much to see! It actually took me a minute to sit back and see how the aircraft is the bird, very clever!

  2. Brilliant color and design!

  3. Very informative page... Nice..


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