Friday, 11 December 2009

Illustration Friday - "Hatch"


This week's theme on Illustration Friday "hatch" reminds me of this painting I drew two years ago. I drew this painting years after my grandfather died and it was about a dream I had after his funeral. I dreamt that I was back in my grandpa's old house and he was going out of the house to work. He was an old man when he walked out of the gate, yet after he walked out of the gate, he turned around and walked back towards me, where I was standing by the door.

Each step he took towards me, years dropped from his face and body and he became younger and younger, until he stood as a young man in front of me. He no longer had the face of my grandpa but the face of a handsome young man but with some similarities to him. He looks happy and very relaxed and I felt very glad that he has found a new life. Then he walked towards my right towards his coffin and each step he took, he became younger and younger until he crawled into his coffin as a baby. The coffin then molded around him like a womb, but in a coffin shape.

This dream taught me a lot of things - that to have life there is death and destruction. That my grandpa wanted to tell me that he is happy and reborn again as a new human being. He might not be the same but he will live on. That we "hatch" as an egg, and we go back to being reborn again like a phoenix after we pass away. It was a beautiful memory of the dream and I don't think I did justice to the dream with my painting, but it was the closest I could come in expressing it.

x pixy

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