Sunday, 27 May 2018

Delirium/Delight - Fan Art for The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

Sometimes the periods of pause in between paintings go on for so long, I almost forgot I can draw.

This painting was "unfinished" yet I always stop when I feel the painting is beautiful - that is when I know it is done. And to me, this painting is beautiful, I fell in love with it - its simplicity, colours and lines.

In this painting I had fun as I did parts of the hair and the whole background with my fingers - finger painting is so good - the paint comes alive and has feelings.

Ever since I read the Sandman graphic novel series many years ago, the character Delight/Delirium has fascinated me. My friends then called me Delight, and I have always wondered.... after suffering the pain and hardships of this world, would I become Delirium? Is she so pure that she is unable to endure hardships and pain? Can a person maintain joy only when they do not experience negative impact?

This is the second painting I have done of Delight/Delirium. See the first one here.

I love the contrast between red, black and white. It's beautiful.

Hope to post more interesting drawings later...!

x pixy

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