Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Gaupe Cufflinks - Illustration

Strange how destinies of people become intertwined. I was at a film seminar during Oslo's Innovation Week and got to know an American man who came to Oslo to start anew with life and he turned out to be an art collector of sorts and gives himself custom-made gold cufflinks every Christmas.

Over a coffee/tea, we were talking about a film project that we are interested in cooperating when I showed him some illustrations I made about the film project I am working on. A week later, he calls me and asks me if I can design some cufflinks for him based on the head of a Norwegian lynx (gaupe).

Even though I haven't touched my beloved illustration pen for a while, I said yes. With a nervous gulp, almost invisible from the outside.

Here are the drawings :)

This was the illustration I showed my American associate. Drew the prehistoric fish from a picture on the screen from the internet - no pencil, straight pen on paper. The girl is from my imagination, with a jellyfish like skirt.

A sketch of a gaupe, just to get to know the face structure, fur alignment, ears...

Preliminary sketch of cufflink design which is a little too rectangular instead of square.

Final sketch of gaupe design, with square face and more symmetrical patterns in the fur.

Side profile

My "commissioner" said that he would like the drawings autographed by me so that when I become famous, these would be worth a lot of money. Haha. Let's see how famous I become then :P

Note: All cufflink designs copyrighted by Little Pixy Boots.

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