Thursday, 5 July 2012

Illustration Friday - Refresh v.2

I drew another piece for "Refresh" this week, at the same time working on the character "Sam" in my friend's book "A girl named Sam". :)

Actually this drawing was inspired by my cute goddaughter, whom I've not seen for a few months because I'm in "far far away Norway". My friend posted a photo of this on Facebook...

The cutest godchildren in the world!

Her hands closeup
 I am rather confused what style this is. Kinda half realistic and half not. I give up trying to categorise now, it's too hard to fit my style into a box. Believe me, I have tried for many years to box up my art and failed. I guess the closest is to say it is children's art.

Drawn with colour pencils on paper.

Enjoy the summer holidays, as many do in Norway now!


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