Thursday, 7 June 2012

Illustration Friday - Hurry!

Life is full of ups and downs and recently I've been on a constant roller-coaster ride. I'm not just saying it, but living it. Anyway, that explains my lack of posts recently, but I'm trying to get back into it slowly, bit by bit.

As Star Trek - Deep Space 9, episode 1 says, our human lives are in a linear time-space, and we shouldn't live in the past. Paraphrasing it a little, but that's what I've learnt.

Enough said, here's my entry for "Hurry!" (click for bigger image)

Illustration friday - Hurry! Card for ex-colleague in Nordisk Film
Before the whole fire accident that burnt down my garage, I had made a set of pretty cards for the «Litt av et liv» (What a Life!) team I worked with in NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and some of my colleagues were from Nordisk Film TV. For some strange reason, my thoughts run in the Norwegian language now and I'm tempted to write in Norwegian, but shall not embarrass myself on cyberspace. Translating this card already puts me in the high-risk category.

The reason I posted this is because I had cut up bits of my colleague's "deadline checklist" and made it into a card for her. Pleasant memories, huh? :P

It says:

1. Item 2.3 We need:
VB (Video Bånd, which means VT or video tapes) for Bjarne Brøndbo's programme 

VB or VT is TV-production jargon for video inserts we show in between interviews or segments of the show, to illustrate a point, background or emphasis about the topic at hand. I believe the term comes from the old analogue video tapes TV or broadcast stations used to use to playback such segments (don't quote me on that). Even though we have moved on to the digital HD age, old names remain stuck.

2. *Enquete - what we in English-speaking TV production call "vox-pops" or random interviews of people on the streets
 OK Jens, but lacking picture of Bjarne on the boards

3. *Gamle Tomter (lit. "old grounds" or "land") - referring to the celebrity guest's background, childhood and past - Sigrid ok?

4. 20th Year Jubilee (or 20th Anniversary) including something from Jens' (Stoltenberg) speech

Jens Stoltenberg is the Prime Minister of Norway, as of 2012. Some Americans say he looks like James Bond on «Alt for Norge» (a popular TVNorge show named "Everything for Norway"). The 20th Anniversary refers to 2012 being the 20th year of Bjarne Brøndbo's band, DDE's establishment in Norway.

5. Super 8 (film) of Bjarne playing piano as a kid  
Excerpt (of) 30 seconds

6. Uke means Week
Opptak means recording
Studio means, well, studio. 
Maybe I'm enjoying too much of the translating.

The point is, in the speech balloons, I wrote in Norwegian: 
Look here, are you finished with these? We have deadlines, y'know!

The turtle and the sweaty nervous birds reply:  
 Gulp... nearly....

(Translation: Yessirree, we are in a HURRY so please don't HURRY us!)

Hope you've enjoyed picking up some Norwegian (or Norsk)!

In the meantime, I shall continue to scour around for used sofabeds on

Does anybody have a grey or light-coloured chaise-lounge sofabed to sell or give away? We can pick up in Oslo and Akershus area... 


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