Friday, 25 May 2012

A fire burnt down our garage :(

Pictures speak louder than words about the devastation of our garage... burnt on 19 May 2012, two days after Constitution Day of Norway and day before Viking Man and I wanted to take a cycling trip with my almost-unused bike with its new basket.

The sky was red, my hair smelt like BBQ afterwards, and I was 5 metres away from a scarily huge fire that burned down our row of 6 garages.

The AfterMath:

The Fire-Engine

The Firemen
Viking Man's mum's car burned down to just metal.
Our smokin' garage one hour after the fire was extinguished. Suddenly our garden is exposed to the whole world. Some affected neighbours joked that it was an early St. Hans (Midsummer Night) where the Norwegian tradition is to have a bonfire to burn all their waste wood. Others asked if we have a desire to have a barbeque and grill over the charcoal that is our garages.

Our new unused BBQ grill that we had planned to use this summer.

My little camera was missing since, and I suspect that it was left behind in the bicycle basket that was burned to ashes in our shed. I can't even identify the frame of my bicycle from this photo. It's rather depressing.

Only our mailboxes are intact...
 I realised that I don't even know how to handle a fire extinguisher and how puny our garden hose is compared to the huge fire.

Our poor sakura (cherry) tree was burnt slightly from the extreme heat. Petals turned brown.

Burnt cherry blossoms from another angle. I used to see the white wall of the garage behind. Now I see the road in between garages, neighbours and curious people passing by the road and just standing to take a look at the ashes.

Viking Man had a lot of expensive tools and equipment in the garage, including this toolbox.

Our neighbour's tall hedge saved her house because it was wet from the rainy days before. It turned brown though.

Picture Viking Man took to send to the insurance company. He writes from left: "My mother's car", "The rest of my car tires", "Shed with garden equipment and mother's winter tires". We suffered the most loss out of all the neighbours because we have the most things inside the garage. The nearest tree to the fire has to be cut down because it's half burnt.

Car rusted the very next day. It was green.

Here you see the rest of some winter tires, our two grass-mowers and our BBQ pit.

Photos of the actual fire can be seen here.
- pixy


  1. Dear Beishan,
    I hope very much that I will see more uplifting news from you soon. Think that it could have been worse, at least nobody is hurt physically.

    Love you.


  2. I hope so too. Thank you very much for your comforting words...

  3. Dear Adri,

    Luckily both you and your hubby were not hurt. That's the most important things. Take care!


  4. So sorry to read this news, I'm glad you and Viking Man are safe and well.

    All the best


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