Friday, 23 December 2011

Julebord and Julefrokost in NRK

This is my second julebord in Norway and this time, it's celebrated with NRK on my first day of work! What a way to welcome newcomers :)
Julebord in Josefine Vertshus. Colleagues watching performances after dinner.

It was very different from my first julebord in 2010, where we went to watch a stand-up comedy before a 6-course dinner.
This time, it's a 2-course dinner that was filled with lots of alcohol, fun and entertainment. After all, I do belong to the underholdningsavdeling (entertainment department) of NRK. We had the luck to have all the programleder (programme hosts) in our department and some helped to make this dinner a wonderful experience. Per Sundes, a famous Norwegian host who hosts Melodi Grand Prix in recent years, was funny and hosting with a female host from radio, Grethe. Eric Solbakken, who is popular with kids' shows and hosted Eurovision Song Contest 2010, performed a funny song and dance number with another guy...(pardon me, I'm new and don't know all names).

Some of my new colleagues received funny awards like Mye for Penga (Much for the money - meaning they are the most hardworking employee around). There were 5 lottery winners, and many live songs performed by another guy, who sang much about love and broken hearts, methinks. 

I had taken pictures, but because I don't know them personally yet, I thought it might not be wise to post them. However, I have other pics!

Dinner for the meat-eaters - fried pork ribs, mashed pork balls, white pork sausages, prunes, boiled potatoes, rødkål (pickled red cabbage) and mustard (sennep). My "vegetarian" dinner was not as exciting.
My only complaint is that my "vegetarian dinner" came very late and was not vegetarian - it was salmon boiled to be bland, boiled potatoes and a very very acidic sliced cucumber. The chef didn't seem to be bothered to make a sauce or add taste to the food. I didn't want to send it back because I know they would just throw it away, and I didn't want to begin eating when everyone has finished.

Please, chefs of Norway, *fish* is not vegetarian.

Beer at Josefine Vertshus
Dessert with bjørnebær (blackberries) and ice-cream cake


On the 13th of December, Tuesday, we had a julefrokost and it was all pretty in the office.

Slicing the buns for the rest of the department at the reception.
Rich breakfast for the meat-eaters! I had cheese, lots of crunchy veggies and rare butter during the butter crisis.
A julenisse (Santa Claus or Christmas elf) welcoming the post!
Entrance to the fourth floor of the entertainment department, totally transformed into a magical Christmas-land!
Christmas tree closeup (juletre)
Our usually empty corridor nicely decorated with red napkins, mandarin oranges and little chocolate Santa Clauses.

Lamps and twinkling lights. Very romantic atmosphere.
Speech made by two male colleagues, who led a Christamas song sang by everyone except me (because I don't know the lyrics...)
It's a busy day today and I'm supposed to go shopping now so have a Merry Merry Christmas everyone!


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