Monday, 5 December 2011

Illustration Friday - Round

This is a bit of a late post because I just got my inspiration for "Round" on last Friday itself. 
I hope people won't throw rotten virtual eggs at me because I'm posting this one week late.

This was my best photographic memory of the little girl who went round and round in circles, on the pavement, at the bus-stop where I was waiting for my Bus 20 to my first day of work. She was extremely adorable, and although I had a camera with me, I couldn't pluck up my courage to take a shot without feeling that I would break the Norwegian protocol. Perhaps I should have pretended to be a silly tourist. She was the most adorable happy little girl with round chubby cheeks, pink from the cold.

As evidence that happiness is contagious, her two girly buddies started turning round and round in circles too, until all of them were dizzy with joy.

Round and round I go...

All of them have cute furry balls on their luer (hats).

Happy round face of a little girl

 I probably didn't catch her likeness, but definitely hope I got her cuteness.

She's really cute.
I want a little cute girl like her :)


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