Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Illustration Friday - Mysterious (Take 2)

I was inspired to draw another painting for this week's theme - Mysterious.

Mystery 2

This was inspired by the artist Chris Buzelli and his interview on Illustration Friday. He said...
that he was often inspired by his childhood, thus I tried to draw from my memories the typical girl I used to draw. My mum used to say that the heads of "my girls" were too big for their bodies - but what's wrong with that? Thus I try to repeat a mistake from my past to see if it's really a mistake. I was also drawn to the simplicity of Buzelli's style - it reminded me that art does not have to be complicated in order to be beautiful.

This illustration is done entirely in pen, with a pencil sketch first. I added more colour in Photoshop to the sky. It's drawn in my sketchbook for the 2012 Sketchbook Project, so people in the USA and maybe other parts of the world would be able to see and touch it next year :)

I'm Asian so I didn't know that there were people with different coloured eyes when I was young. But when my mum told me that there were people with blue and green eyes, my imagination went wild and I drew more than one girl with rainbow eyes and lots of sparkles. I was fascinated by the coloured eyes I've never seen before.

I was also inspired by Buzelli's use of animals and creatures in his paintings and I tried including one. Not sure what the whole painting means myself but recently I've been having a fascination with birds. I leave it up to the viewer to interpret it.

See Mysterious (Take 1) here.



  1. Simple and charming! I like this very much. Nice work!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your appreciation :)


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