Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Illustration Friday - Stay

Dick Whittington may have made his fortune
In a faraway town with streets paved gold
This little bird tried to stay
in a golden cage where he danced all day
Until his feathers are grey and knees creakin' old.

A silly li'l ditty by little pixy

Dance for Food
Closeup of head and feathers

June was a crazy month for me, that's why I had a hard time posting even one blog - flying to UK, packing, unpacking, coming back to Norway and helping with errands made me exhausted. I was down with flue for 2 weeks too, and that made me unproductive.

Anyway, one of the drawings I did managed to draw with my newly bought "Copic Multiliner Set" of pens from Singapore (made in Japan), was this little baby. It's entitled "Dance for Food". I coloured it in Photoshop in an hour, my fastest record yet I think. It's nice to know that one can really improve in speed and "fluency" of Photoshop techniques with practice.

I'm really happy I treated myself to this dessert of pens - I feel so inspired to draw every time I pick one pen up. It has a set of 9 pens from 0.03mm nib to BM (smallest to the biggest). The link I provided above showed a similar drool-worthy set of pens - although why anyone would drool over pens is another matter. Perhaps it's the potential of these pens that makes me drool. Yes, that must be it.

I like the heavy golden lock that locks the little bird up. Sadistic, huh? Trapped by material wealth, this bird didn't realise that it has lost its freedom.

That's the bird's version of the gold-paved street that Dick Whittington dreamt of.

But do you realise how desperate the bird is to survive? Look at the sign. Surrounded by wealth, yet hungry for basic sustenance.

Moral of the drawing? 
I'll leave that to you.

little pixy


  1. I love your artwork--your thoughtful comments make it even more amazing.

    I would like to feature your blog and artwork on FATuesday Artist Spotlight two weeks from now.

    Wonderful wonderful art, my Friend--have a lovely week!

  2. Hi! I've featured your artwork in this week's FATuesday Artist Spotlight.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring artwork with the world. http://bethlniquetteart.blogspot.com


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