Friday, 27 May 2011

Illustration Friday: Asleep

This woman stared at me while I was fast asleep.

Rude, you say?

Storm I

Yep, downright rude. Scary, too.

She had a mask on and all she had on her face were two piercing eyes. I woke up remembering exactly how she looked - such a direct and powerful stare.

I drew this in Brisbane, Australia as I have done for Storm II.
I must have drawn this within an hour of drawing Storm II, yet both were so different from each other.
This is set in a snow storm in an unknown land. The Sandman's land, perhaps?

This version - Storm I - is more sinister, yet calmer than its second counterpart. Posting it this week reminds me of my friend whom I've since lost touch some years ago. I gave this painting to her and her housemate in return for her kind hospitality when I was in Brisbane. I don't know if she is still staying in the same place, or she has moved on.

Whatever it is, I hope she carries this painting wherever she goes.

Hey Qing, wherever you are, I miss you and could you let me know where you are please? I'm now in the kingdom of the midnight sun.

Storm I - closeup
I actually quite enjoyed finger-painting this. Finger-painting is definitely not reserved just for kids. It's actually more intuitive and expressive than using a paintbrush. I should definitely do it more often!

Why not try it yourself?


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