Sunday, 17 April 2011

In Turkey, en route to Singapore

Am going to Singapore for two weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing how the skyline's changed in Singapore! I hope I can accomplish all that I want to do - add my married name to my new passport, identity card and everything else!

Just now on the plane I saw a most beautiful full moon. I was around 10,000 m above sea level and above the clouds. The moon was the brightest object in the night sky, illuminating the layer of clouds that was a violet colour in the indigo blue sky. It was such a beautiful sigh, however, my phone camera was unable to capture its beauty through the double (triple?) layered plane windows.

I'm a little sick right now, thanks to Viking Man's germs. Hoping to get to Singapore and get some traditional Chinese medication to get all my phlegm out, yucks.

OK, a little boring post here. Hoping I won't be too stressed to illustrate "Journey", this week's Illustration Friday's theme!

vi snakkes! (Speak later)


  1. It's been a long time! I thought you should know that poster I bought had been on a long journey of its own... I ordered before Christmas I think, then the floods came and the houes got pretty much destroyed, the water receded, we cleaned/rescued/threw-out as much as we could, I went back a week after clean up to the abandoned housing estate (not sure why now) and there, propped up against the door was your poster! It now hangs on the wall of our new (hopefully temporary because it's tiny) front room!
    Hope you have a great journey and happy easter!

  2. Wow, Alex! I'm impressed that my poster survived the flood to hang on your wall! Really glad that you have gotten some of your things back. On the bright side, at least that solves any "storage-space" problems you might have had! Take care and hope that life treats you well. Happy easter too!


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