Thursday, 31 March 2011

Illustration Friday: Toy

This week's topic finally inspired me! "Toy" made me think of Russian dolls for some strange reason - how you strip away all the layers to reveal the tiniest little one.

Thus this week I came up with a "2-in-1" inspiration. My colleague at work was working on some Easter posters for our client with a baby duck in an egg.

My sketch? A duckling in a Russian doll egg, hah. Really original, huh? Not really. I think it's just catharsis of the overload of images my subconscious brain is processing.

Anyway, I like the resulting illustration. 'Nuff said. As long as I like it, right, who cares where the inspiration came from? :)

Toy Russian dolls with Easter duckling by littlepixyboots
I drew this on my sketchbook and then scanned it in to fill in the colours in Photoshop.
It took me quite some time to do that actually. Sometimes I think whether it's worth it to spend that much time in Photoshop (I think around 4-5 hours) doing the colouring instead of painting it by hand, because painting by hand only takes me an hour. Photoshop, with its layers and brushes, fills and gradients, take much longer because I need to select each area to fill in the colours.

But this is an inner struggle I'll have to deal with another day. Of course, Photoshop makes the illustration look sleeker, and smooth gradients are tough to achieve by hand, but still, isn't the charm of hand-drawn illustrations in its imperfectness?

OK... enjoy your Easter next week everyone! I might post this up as an Easter card in my Zazzle store :)


P.S. Do you know it is snowing today in Norway? It's nearly April, and have been 6 months since the first snow of winter.....

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