Friday, 12 November 2010

My Neighbour's Powder Puff Puppy

I'm never good with dog names, so the breed of my neighbour's new dog slipped out of my mind as soon as she told me.

I think the full name is: "Chinese Crested Powder Puff" puppy

All I know is that she (not the neighbour) loves chewing leaves and has the words "Chinese" and "Powder Puff" in her breed name, and that's good enough for me to recognise a fellow kin. 

She's Chinese? Wonderful! Never mind that she is soft fluffy fur all over and I'm not. We have the same eyes, no?

 She was such a cute li'l one, barely bigger than my blue garden broom.

Like me, she's quite a vegetarian.
She loves chewing leaves, redcurrants and any fruit she could find.
Viking Man's hand looks almost twice her size!

She's not just a puppy - she's my new buddy who's nice and fluffy.
And they grow up all too fast.

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