Thursday, 9 September 2010

Illustration Friday: Dessert

This week while in the middle of preparing for my wedding next week, I thought to draw this for this week's theme "Dessert".

Wedding Dessert
I was meditating when I was hit by the inspiration to draw this for this week's theme - weddings weddings weddings! Of course, I also wanted to design this for "red packets" and for new products on my Zazzle store...but things are hotting up for my wedding so I didn't have time to finish this. However I will continue to work on it. Don't think I have time to work on the next I.F. theme though.... too busy being a bride! haha

Just to explain: the bridegroom is feeding the bride with a sweet soupy Chinese dessert called "tang yuan", which symbolises wholesomeness, happiness, abundance and luck. Red tangyuan stands for luck, white tangyuan stands for purity.

I hope to have a chance to take a photo wearing such traditional Chinese wedding hanfu. Viking Man, are you reading this??


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