Friday, 20 August 2010

When Food and Art cross lines...

Cake made by Felicia Khoo
Believe you me, I'm not paid for saying this, but while surfing on, I came across an incredibly talented piece of work / cake. Check out this link! This cake-maker/ artist Felicia Khoo is incredibly talented, and I'm proud to say she's Singaporean!

It appeared on Singapore actress Joanne Peh's blog and I must say, I found it strange that I felt a pang of jealousy of her. Perhaps because she's younger, more beautiful, and more "successful".
Even as I rejoice at the thought of such incredible young artists like Felicia Khoo showing her cake art, I found it rather "atas" (snobbish/high-class in Singlish) of Joanne Peh to choose such an obscure item of luxury (Limited Edition Hermes Leica M7??? ) to give as a cake to the top hairdresser in Singapore. I guess it's Joanne's thought that counts, because maybe the birthday boy loves that camera. 

I think I just find it distasteful that she would commission a cake of such a luxury item (almost an item to boast that you are exclusive) and post it on a blog where most readers wouldn't even have heard of a Leica or Hermes. 
Then again, it might be my jealousy talking. I have met Joanne in person and she is very friendly. Plug your ears people, I'm just being mean right now. 

Perhaps I'm still human, attached to such emotions of jealousy and insecurity. Wonderful to be human enough to feel such emotions :P

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