Tuesday, 17 August 2010

News on Singapore: The Latest Internet TV Series Online

Recently I've been missing Singapore soap dramas and entertainment shows by Singaporean artistes, so I decided to check out if I could watch tv shows from Singapore on the internet. 

The good news is that my former employer, Mediacorp (the biggest tv broadcaster in Singapore) has recently signed a contract with MSN.com to create xin.msn.com for the lastest updates and videos on Singapore tv.

The bad news is that most videos state "not available in my region" on the site.

Singapore TV series not available in Norway :(
The videos that are available are mostly produced by other companies, like Splash Entertainment.

Shucks, I really miss watching familiar faces on tv.... the same accent, the same Singlish slang, the artistes I've worked with before and what they are up to. I guess it might be some time before Mediacorp relaxes their copyright issues and put it up for the whole world to view. 

I did find the Little Nyonya drama series on Youtube...but very poor in quality. 

Jeanette Aw in Little Nyonya (screengrab from Youtube)

It was a very popular high-value production (which is why it's a pity it looks so bad on Youtube) by Mediacorp about a Chinese Peranakan family in Singapore and Malaysia from before World War II til present. Chinese Peranakans are the descendants of earlier Chinese immigrants and the Malay natives in the Southeast Asian area, called the Nusantara region (Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore).

The writeup on Wikipedia makes it rather intriguing about the earlier Chinese immigrants from South China. What made them migrate and move to such a faraway land? The cultural isolation and loneliness they might have felt, might be the same as I feel in Norway sometimes. Believe me, I love Norway but sometimes it's nice to see some familar faces and environment from your home country.

Next.... food art?


P.S. Update: Found a good link on Youku.com to all 30 episodes of "The Little Nyonya" here with ENGLISH subtitles, so all my Western friends can watch this too :)

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