Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ripple Sketches: Yucky Muck and Extreme Makeover

 Yucky Muck
I've added two more drawings to the Ripple effort ( but the owner of the blog told me that these would be up for $10 donations in August! She must be really busy....! 

Do you know that $10 can buy 3 bottles of dishwashing liquid to wash one bird? Read more on

This bird was inspired by this photo on the web:
I think it's horrible to walk around in yucky oily muck the whole day, and the water to bathe in is the cause of it.

Extreme Makeover

I like my second piece entitled "Extreme Makeover".

Of course it's inspired by my liking for the "Extreme Makeover - Home series", haha. It's a sea otter.... a poor mammal who looks quite lost in his surroundings, finding his home totally made-over with black oil on its rocks, beaches and water.
That's the poor sea otter - I changed the body of the otter into a rock though in my drawing. At first, I didn't know it was *that* plump....

Wait for it if you want the 4" x 6" original sketchcard for these! They will be up in August and I'll update my blog then.


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