Monday, 10 May 2010

Random shots from camera phones etc.

This was me two years ago, snapped during a shoot. I was tired of waiting around... and I still have the same "cheapo" phone, as one of my friends have said. Hey, if it takes decent pictures, has a SMS function, and works like a phone, who cares if it is cheapo? Best of all, I don't have to worry about dropping or losing my cheapo phone.

That's the Singapore skyline, taken one afternoon while having lunch outdoors alone. Singapore har mange høye bygninger.... (just practicing my Norwegian... like how to say "Singapore has many tall buildings").

The blue sky seen from Dressing Room 3 of the Telenor Arena... a.k.a. Arena Fitness area.

The one-legged me with a swanky new car that NRK bought me. I'm kidding. Well, if they can buy my manager the latest iPhone, they can jolly well get me a car with Eurovision Song Contest logos, right? keke... just sharing the moment of glory with you guys!!! I got to ride on it yesterday :)

x pixy

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