Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Birds and Bees...while meditating.

Spring flowers

This morning before I meditated, I opened my window just a few inches to let in some fresh air and sunlight.

Around 30 minutes into my meditation, I heard the buzzing of a bee that came to visit my pot of magenta flowers (I think they are chrysanthemums) on my window sill. I was worried for a moment that it would be trapped in my room and cannot find its way out, but it left after a while.

Then when I was almost finished with my meditation, I heard a strange sound - flapping and whirring of some sort. I opened my eyes and saw a real-life yellow and blue bird had popped into my room for a visit and hopped onto the corner of my TV. 

I squeaked a high-pitched "Oh!"

I think that must have scared it.

It cocked its head to one side, did an about-turn, and flew back the way it came in - through that narrow crack of window and curtain.

"The Birds and Bees" in my room sounds a little kinky, doesn't it? :)



  1. Hi,

    Regina here, for

    I would like to personally invite you to list your blog on our Expat Women Blog Directory ( so that other women can read about and learn from your expat experiences.

    Many thanks in advance for your contribution and keep up your great blog!


  2. Hi Regina, thank you the invitation. I'll join in now :) pixy


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