Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Memories of a Night in Orchard, Singapore

I was recently clearing out my Macbook and archiving old folders when I came across this nostalgic piece of memory to share with you guys. I was walking around alone one night (or is it two?) in Singapore, and decided to take some photos of things, ads, art that inspired me on the street. This ad wowed me with its colours.  (I left the date and time intact for authenticity :))
The Chanel store display looks like it was inspired by my recent Photoshop flower brushes! Beautiful.
My phone was (still is) a free low-end phone with subscription, so pardon the quality. This Chanel wall display was fantastically unique and outstanding. Its black and white theme really stood out along the shopping street.

I came across this open art exhibition along a busy stretch outside Orchard MRT (subway, underground train).
This is called "Cyber shopping"!
The blurb says: "Cyber shopping / Category: Technology.
'The rapid advancement of technology has changed the world in so many different and sometimes unpredictable ways. This artwork paints the future with its depiction of how technology might transform our world of shopping.'

Andrew (drewscape)"

This was a relatively new light wall that projects hi-res video images that makes this underground hot (pun intended). 
ok I know this daylight photo looks random, but this Christmas tree appeared in early November. Singaporeans are really "kiasu" (afraid to lose). Viking Man terms this quality in me as "impatient". Humph.

 Purple wall art. Nice right? Pardon the people. They didn't know it was rude to walk into the middle of my photo taking session. Maybe Singapore's just too crowded. People didn't have space to walk around those toting cameras on the street. Wait a minute, what camera?! I was holding a phone (duh, I'm a bodoh....*idiot*)

This ad was cute. I thought it took away Takashimaya Shopping Centre's old, grand image. Their building was inspired by fengshui principles, and by traditional Chinese tombstones. Morbid, huh?

One of my favourite wall art pieces. It was beautiful with its brushes. So digital too. Hmm. I like the lips, hair and butterflies. The red stamp I added at the bottom left corner didn't mean that I drew it!

 The cars are cute. I like the three-eyed monster.

Another girl illustration. I like the dragonfly on the illustration. I don't like them much in real life though. One flew up the back of my T-shirt once when I was 18, and the sensation of the wings on my skin still makes me shudder.

What's this? A plant oasis in the middle of the concrete city? This concept is cool.
Ahh... it was Russell Peters live in Singapore! Now I remembered what happened.

I took this Volkswagen Van photo right after Russell Peters cracked his jokes.
I vowed to buy one when I have the money.

Btw, since we are on the subject of vehicles, I love trishaws! They are so old-school and romantic.
I was oogling this gorgeous trishaw every morning on my way to work. Finally plucked up the courage to ignore public stares and took some pictures with my phone.

Hey...what's this Deepavali (aka Divali) card doing on my blog on "Memories of a Night in Orchard, Singapore"?? It was something I found in Little India the day before this night in Orchard I think, and I liked the colours so much that I took a snapshot. Well... it's one of the things that inspire my art. How did the Indian artist build so much stuff in his/her imagination around an imaginary god?

:) I feel like I've just done a tour in Singapore.

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