Thursday, 15 April 2010

Illustration Friday: Linked

"Lulled in the countless chambers of the brain, our thoughts are linked by many a hidden chain; awake but one, and in, what myriads rise!"
Alexander Pope

Sometimes we are linked to others we love, not just physically, but spiritually through the mind, life and energy. Living with another person made me realised that. Through time, one starts to read other people's thoughts. We can receive...
...thought signals that make us almost psychic. Have you ever had your best friend knowing exactly which words are going to pop out of your mouth? I have.
Lego toys were my inspiration for these characters. Plastic and mechanic, they are a perfect metaphor for how unknowing we are of our hidden links and chains to others around us. (the girl looks shocked, doesn't she?)
Come to think of it, I used to play a lot with Lego people. Stick them around the Lego blocks. childhood. I used to draw everyday, on recycled office paper that my father brought from office. The paper was yellow and full of typewritten words on one side. I wasn't fussy as a child. I drew on anything that has a blank page. I even loved making large "portraits" about 1 m high, by sticking such recycled paper with cellophane tape or glue. Children have such a wonderful penchant for creativity, which is what I'm trying to revive in me.

But I digress.

This was the picture I took without a flash. I don't have a scanner so I use my SLR camera as a makeshift one. I kinda like the romantic, sepia effect of this photo. Without me adding a Spotlight filter on Photoshop too! keke.

Afterwards, I realised that I forgot to add the words "Linked" at the bottom of their feet, wiring them together even more. So I spent another 10 min drawing the words out with a pen. Too lazy to draw with a pencil.

For the final image, I wanted to play around with gradients, so I added a blue, yellow, pink gradient from my "Pastels" samples from Photoshop. Hence the background colour; its effect is quite pleasing, methinks.
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x pixy


  1. Hi Pixy,

    I love your 'linked' work - beautiful!

    Have a great day

  2. hi pixy,

    thanks for checking out my site! i like yours too, and the tv reel. norway has a rep as a progressive country... they certainly know how to take care of their people better than we do in the states, it seems, when one becomes ill or faces a life-altering health issue. one easy contrast to this point is the maternity difference btwn the 2 countries! Norway is so far superior!

    i think we share a common thought:

    Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    -happy creating!

  3. Dear raison, thanks for dropping by! what a wonderful quote. Yes, Norway has one of the best health care systems of any country I know...that is, if you've paid taxes before. I'm new in Norway so I'm not entitled to health care, but I hope to get a job soon! :)

  4. Thanks everyone for leaving such nice comments. I really appreciate it :)


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