Friday, 9 April 2010

Illustration Friday: Dip

This is the "Dip" that "Expired".

"The Dip that Expired"

I must explain that I first sketched this for the theme "Expired" two weeks ago. After that, I fell sick and couldn't lift my paint brush to finish it, amongst coughing and feeling miserable.

Luckily for me, this week's theme still fits my illustration. This illustration is about my dream of red sea urchins swimming and having fun around me,
and me gazing in wonder at them. I guessed maybe my fear of water has expired. I might be still terrified of going snorkeling because I nearly drowned when I was 7 years old. But here perhaps, my dip in the water isn't scary despite being out of breath.

There is perhaps a look of "hey, what's going on?" but it's definitely not fear.
This painting is finished with watercolours, watercolour pencils and felt tip pen (ZIG Clean Color from Japan, if you must know)

Because all the sea urchins are having fun (the thorniest poisonous creatures underwater) and fishies are swimming around me. There's one feeding out of my hand :)

Fears are something to conquered, not avoided.
x pixy

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  1. Cute illustration Pixy! The flowy dress complements the spiky urchins nicely. Thank you for visiting my blog btw - to answer your question, my piece took about 3-4 hours to complete from start to finish.


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