Friday, 30 April 2010

Illustration Friday: Detective

"In the movie of life, one needs to be a detective of hearts"
~ pixy

 "Detective of Hearts"

This is an unfinished sketch of the theme "Detective" on Illustration Friday two weeks ago. I like it a lot, but my volunteer work on Eurovision Song Contest 2010 started last week and it has become my whole life now :)

First update: Four days ago, I started my Norskkurs (Norwegian language course) and had to sweat out a test of 5 chapters of the textbook on my second lesson. Welcome to the scariest experience of my life! I was tearing my head and hair out while staring blankly at the blanks.  
 How do you cram two months of lessons into two evenings?

Second update:  

Pixy Boots is going to be on TV in the programme "Migrapolis". Norwegians can catch the show on NRK1, Wed 12 May at 22.25hr. More of the venue for Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed.... watch this page for updates!

Anyway it's finally the last day of April! May has finally arrived, and things are heating up in Telenor Arena in preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2010. I've been volunteering as the Venue Manager's assistant so I've been setting things up for the Arena.

Pity I'm not authorised to put photos up yet, until after the whole show :) Be patient, peeps. I'll try taking some photos that you can't tell it's from the Arena :)

Telenor Arena

But I digress...

Of this sketch I like my quote and the face of the detective most. He's cool, like Tintin :)

Until next time...
pixy xoxox

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