Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My One and Only Man

Hi guys, 

I'm a little feverish as I write this. Been stressed and sick the last week, thanks to close proximity to Viking Man's germs.

Anyway, here's my one and only snowman this winter...I'm sad because for most of the winter, the snow has been too "powdery" for me to clump it into a snowman, and during the last two weeks when it's finally possible, I've been busy trying searching for a job and settling into a new apartment.

 Ah..... my one and only snowman in Norway was made last year in Dec, on the first day I touched down on Oslo soil. This is my only chance of immortalize him because he probably melted long time ago.

He's not that pretty, but he is my one and only :)

I learnt that with the right kind of snow, all you have to do is to roll a snowball on the ground and make bigger balls...for the head and body. Viking Man made it anatomically correct with the ingenious addition of a stick. Reminds me of our neighbour's doggie who has a habit of humping...

He ain't small 'cos he's my man.

I love my one and only man!
x pixy

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