Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Illustration Friday: Brave 2/2

My second sketch for "Brave".

"It is hard to be brave, when you are only a Very Small Animal." 
~ Anonymous ~

The little girl is terrified. 

She is on an adventure to the safari when she was confronted with some Big Animals.
Animals that tower over her and make much noise.
There is a Lion roaring,
a Snake hissing,
a Giraffe staring,
and an Elephant trumpeting.

She realises she is such a Very Small Animal compared to them.

But what if the Lion is roaring because he has a toothache?

 And the Snake is hissing because he is glad to make a new friend?

The Giraffe is staring because he's munching on some leaves?

And the Elephant is trumpeting because he wants to tell her everything's ok?

But our little heroine is still brave because she is not running away but facing her fears.

:) pixy


  1. Absolutely brilliant!
    Love it, love everything about it - the little verse is lovely and compliments everything extremely well - and i love the expression on the giraffes face - poor little bugger.
    Fantastic work mate

  2. This is so wonderful! The characters, their expressions and the colors are amazing; a great composition!


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