Wednesday, 3 February 2010

True Love

I've always been fascinated with fairytales and I've always wanted to be an illustrator for children's books. Other than obsessing over sketching the ideal Cinderella, Snow White and Little Mermaid, I've also at times, done simple sketches to express how touched I am by the characters in the stories. I guess that is the closest in expressing how I feel about art. I like immersing myself in the story and express how they have touched me - and I think Hans Andersen has somehow written fantastic books that express the purity and innocence of children. 

I've also recently seen a claymation cartoon on this story by Norwegian film director Ivo Caprino in 1955. He's amazing! I love how the tin soldier eventually "died" in the fire with his loved one flown in by his side...the ballerina whom he thought had one leg just like him. Although his cartoons are old, they are timeless.

x pixy

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