Friday, 19 February 2010

Our chimney needed sweeping!

Our chimney was swept by a really charming man in uniform.

He is strong, can climb roofs and haul the stubbornest ashes out of the chimney, saving homes and lives from the danger of fires.

That's him going up the roof, and Viking Man peeping through the door.

Pity he's not young anymore, but I'm sure he's a heartthrob for the senior ladies :)

That's him at work, wondering why I'm acting like a paparazzi...

That's because I wanted to show how courageous he is to brave the slippery snow on the roofs and clear the chimney.

That's him posing for the ladies. Doesn't he look smart in his uniform?

He then came into the house to clear the bottom of the chimney. Look at his cute hat!

A brave, tall and strong man in uniform! 
With a charming smile like that, he's sure to knock the socks off the senior ladies.

He's the first chimney sweep I've ever met and I'm sure they have grander titles to match their uniforms, like "Senior Fire Contaminant Clearance Officer", keke. I hear they are part of the fire brigade, thus they come with uniforms in Norway. 

I love Norway :P

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