Sunday, 14 February 2010

Oops I did it again

I just realised that my last blog post was more than a week ago. Been slacking, huh? ;P
Well, this past week has been a very busy and fulfilling week for me, full of activities happening.
For one, I managed to make a Chinese New Year card for my beloved Godson in Singapore, whom I haven't seen since he was one year old. Will be posting that up later.

On Tuesday I took a walk with Viking Man to the sea. Not just *to* the sea, but *on* the sea and walked across the water to the island on the other side of the bay. This miraculous Moses moment is only made possible by the following sponsors - Nature and ice. The seawater was frozen so thick (20cm?) that it was possible to walk across on the water. For once I felt adventurous and truly courageous, haha. Maybe ignorance is bliss when it comes to the dangers of breaking ice... we even made a call to Viking Mum to let her know we are standing in the middle of the ice, in case we never see her again. It was good to see all the summer houses and spa hotel from the "sea-ward" side, something I wouldn't see if I was walking on the shore instead.

Some pictures?

Joyful on the sea! 

 Hoof marks by a pioneering animal...

Trying to pull out a sea buoy that's stuck in the sea ice
Ice crystals on the sea
Snow on an island across the sea

The view of the summer houses from the frozen sea :)
x pixy

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