Sunday, 14 February 2010

It's Chinese New Year today!

Apparently in Norway, 14 Feb 2010 is a big day.
Well.... for me anyway.

It's my first Chinese New Year away from home Singapore, Valentine's Day (finally with a loved one), and the Norwegian Mother's Day. Wow. 
So in celebration of CNY, I shall post this blog in red.

I've cooked something special today with some veggie burgers and pasta, but then again for such momentous events, the celebration is low-key. Perhaps because two other people in my household are not Chinese....

Anyway, I'll miss collecting my last angbaos (red packets) as a single gal, as well as all the festivities and TV overload at my uncle's house with my younger cousins. Will miss my little Godson's cute face too, calling me "Ganbei!"

Hmm... maybe my expectations are too high. Don't think he can speak yet... 

Ganbei is my friend a.k.a. godson's mum's nick for me, which means "scallop". Why? Cos my name Bei means shell(fish) and godmother in Chinese is ganma, so for short Ganbei seems suitable.

Anyway, here's the card I made for my godson....

The card and a recycled envelope.
I covered the previous address with a piece of paper.
 I used some stickers from Christmas! Thought they fit the lucky "red" theme.
 I designed a nice butterfly stamp :) Norge is Norwegian for Norway.

 The card opens up to three sides... this!

 My main message to godson.

 I did some research on the net for Chinese zodiac characteristics and pieced them together for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake...
...included an angbao packet (that I found in my wallet)...
 ...and continued with characteristics of the
Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.
 Added one last cute sticker of the little trolls in red hats.

:) Pixy

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