Sunday, 24 January 2010

Today's Sketch - "Violet Eyes"

A few days ago, Viking Man and I watched a documentary from the BBC Horizon series called "Parallel Universes". (Watch this on Youtube) This girl is from one of them.

Now Viking Man is very much into sci-fi, fantasy and anime shows and thank god I share a little of that interest too, so I sat down and watched it with him on his computer. We kinda take turns with each other watching shows which might not be our first choice to watch, but don't mind accompanying each other (and hug and kiss) to watch a show. He watches Project Runway with me, and I watch many many anime and science documentaries with him.

Note: it's not a torture to sit there. It really isn't... at least there is a warm human body to hug on a cold winter day :)

SO anyway... I got really into this documentary where the narrative updated me that Einstein's theory of relativity of the universe is old-fashioned and there was the string theory after that. (warning: rambling ahead)

Sorta like the atom is not made up of elements rotating in space, but more like the strings on a violin. Different notes = different frequencies = different dimensions, if you would pardon my simplification. And then that the scientists were having a petty argument whether there were 10 or 11 dimensions. Finally they concluded 11 dimensions was the way to explain all the string theories and the Big Bang. Then they imagined the universe to act like a membrane on each dimension, and when two dimensions collide into each other like a wave, they created the Big Bang. And the ripples in the "membranes" of the two universes caused the nebulas, galaxies, stars, rocks, mountains rivers and us. 'Cause we are the imperfections in the membranes :p

So why am I telling you this long convoluted piece of physicist philosophy?

Well partly because I am interested in it, and would like to bore you with my excitement. Partly because I've read a few books on such parallel universes before... I think one book was called The Legend of Starcrash. Quite an interesting book of fiction (?). I'd like to think it was true, it felt true at some parts anyways.

At the end, there was mention of how the parallel universes differed from each other by just slight differences... e.g. the blue mountains you see in the distance would appear green in another universe etc, and that made me think that perhaps this girl in the drawing above was me (or my family member) from there. In this sketch, I have violet skin and eyes, and cool green hair. I am also a warrior princess, running away from her ravaged hometown.

She has a sachet in her hand, precious because it's from her father, and it protects her from evil and illnesses.

She is also a tough girl because she has two tattoos from initiations in her tribe. One is on her arm...

...and the other one is on her left shoulder, just under her collarbone.

She also has a bird-like hairpin, an heirloom from her mum and she is holding back tears as she bids one last goodbye glance to her smoking village.

Now how's that for a sci-fi film script?

:) pixy

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