Friday, 22 January 2010

Today's Sketch 22.1.10 - Bad Faerie No. 4

It's been snowing the whole day today and life is beautiful.
I love snow and I don't think I'll get over my fascination of it so soon...

The cats have also been playing around the house today and they leave little snow paw-prints of their paths wherever they go. For some reason, in those paw-prints, you can read their fights, their desires and their resourcefulness. I wonder what evidence I left behind of mine?

Perhaps such drawings like the one below is telling... perhaps not.
My bad faerie series have been inspired by real life fights, desires and drama..
This is my favourite of the Bad Faerie series and for some reason, I chose to put this one up first.

So not in running order, for those of you who wish I'm more orderly.... I choose to be free in my own blog to upload what I want. So drumroll, here goes: Introducing Bad Faerie No. 4.

Fascinating isn't it? Even I don't fully understand my drawing because I draw as I go by my feelings. I like the mer-faerie at the bottom the best. She has an opening in her heart and did she just bite off his wing?? Is she dead? She's floating and her right hand curls delicately as it touches the ground at his foot. He has scratched himself with his claws and maybe he tore his own wing off. I don't really know what the story is behind this drawing but you can tell that this is the aftermath of the drama that had happened.

I enjoyed colouring the little mer-faerie's hair and outlining her beautiful lashes. She's fragile and delicate whereas he's all muscular, earthy and tough.

I'm usually quite shy in drawing nudes but sometimes I think nudity is the best way to express our raw emotions and basic human nature. We are after all, born naked. That's how God meant us to be, no?

x pixy

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