Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Today's Sketch 19.1.10 - Flower Power!

I've come to realise that having a 30-day challenge is not easy, especially when you have family, friends and a house to look after. If I have a kid, that would definitely take up more time!

Now I understand why in Project Runway and other reality shows, they often isolate the contestants from their family.... because they distract and definitely demand attention.

I've been visiting Viking Man's friends and having lovely dinners. Of course, making sushi for the family as well takes some time and for some lovely reason, Viking Man's mum loves my sushi. Finally something Asian that is not too spicy for her, haha...

Anyway, here's my "flower power" sketch I'm working on... Click on it to zoom in!

x pixy

1 comment:

  1. Great flowers, colored and cheerful sketch!!



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