Friday, 15 January 2010

Today's Sketch 15.1.10 - Pixie and Faery

A few years ago I drew this for my colleague at the TV station. She really looked like a human-sized pixy with red hair, and cute freckles over her nose. Truly I've never seen a person with freckles and look cute.
She had a crush on this other guy working across the room, so thus I was inspired to draw this for her...

In fact, I was so inspired I drew this straight with a pen, not pencil.

So this is before....

...and this is after.



  1. that's really cute and erm, a bit weird, as they kind of look like my wife and I (I mean, without the wings of course!)

  2. Glad you like maybe I channelled you and your wife when I drew this?


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