Friday, 15 January 2010

Today's Sketch 14.1.10 - "Olive Tree"

Sometimes as a human being... there is a need to express oneself and it's not necessary to be perfect.

When I drew this, I just wanted to express myself. I didn't care if the face wasn't perfect, nor was the technique perfect. I just wanted the right to express myself in any way possible.

In this case, it was my nostalgia for my childhood when I heard this song almost twice everyday on the radio FM 95.8, my mum's favourite radio channel.  It had a melancholy feel to it... the verse written goes:

"Don't ask me where I'm from
My hometown is far away
Why do I wander... wander so far away?

For the Olive Tree in my dreams"

It's a little like me right now...perhaps I'm searching for the olive tree of my dreams.
Olive trees don't grow in my home country, it's too hot. To find one, I have to wander far far away.....


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