Monday, 11 January 2010

Today's Sketch 11.01.10 (Binary numbers?) - "Breakfast with Waffles"

"Breakfast with Waffles"

This morning Viking Man and I made waffles for breakfast. With the leftover dough mixture, I created two hearts with tyttebær (mountain cranberry) jam for him and I.
On the right is the teapot he bought for his mum as a Christmas gift.

I added vegetarian pate on the first waffle with gressløk (chives) and brunn geitost (brown goat's cheese that tastes like caramel) with plum jam. Yummy! Both of us learnt a lesson today - the waffle mix shouldn't be too watery so adding more kuzu and flour helps to bind the mixture when frying or baking it in the waffle machine.

Game for an egg-less, sugar-less, oatmeal waffle, anyone?

Gosh, we do eat healthy meals here in this Norwegian household :)

x pixy

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