Saturday, 9 January 2010

Today's Sketch 09.01.10 - "Ice Vapour"

"Ice Vapour"
This morning I woke up, meditated and drew the curtains.
Then I saw the beautiful Northern sun shining through my window and casting a shadow "movie" on my white cupboard. The movie was of the shadow play of the evaporation of ice crystals on my window, which I couldn't see with my naked eye when I looked towards the window.

The shadows kept moving and moving and they were so wondrous (for a tropical girl like me) that I had to sketch them out. I didn't think photographs would do it justice.

There's the shadow of the Christmas star hanging in the middle of the window and the linen curtain to the right. The ice crystals were glistening in rainbow colours at the bottom of the window but in the shadow they were just gray....and then there are the shadows of the vapour as the ice crystals melt.

Dancing, they were.
Singing, they were..
Subtle they were and how light!

(Must be the influence of Yoda from too much Star Wars on TV)

May the Force be with you...
x pixy

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