Friday, 29 January 2010

Nothing is as boring as "UNTITLED"...

... or is it? Sometimes I look at famous artists' paintings and wonder why they didn't title their paintings. Did they run out of things to say, or were they too lazy to think of one? Was it because they felt that the beauty of the painting spoke for themselves?

Having one such "U-N-T-I-T-L-E-D" sketch points the finger back at me... WHY why didn't you name this sketch? Perhaps it's just something that is better without a name. A nameless girl. From my imagination. She's perhaps just floated into my consciousness from my past life. Or one of my desires to have an avatar like this in a sixth dimension?

 Untitled girl
See, she looks lost. Floating around in just the greyness and white (or what used to be white) of the paper. Her creator (yours truly) decided to make her more unidentifiable with shapeless clothes.

Hiak hiak hiak... the sadistic side of me enjoys torturing characters I've created. With no name, no shape, no history, nowhere to be, just on the piece of paper...

Pathetic, am I?

ahhhh..well.... hope you'll enjoy this sketch anyway :) There was a period in my younger days when I drew numerous such nameless girls.

x from a 30-something pixy

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