Friday, 8 January 2010

If you believe in fairies...

...Clap your hands!

I'm clapping my hands! This wonderful piece of art design was installed outside the Oslo Central Train Station last month for Christmas ("Jul" in Norwegian) and isn't it wonderful that public services like train services believe in art? The "MeRT" (MRT or Mass Rapid Transit) in practical safe boring Singapore should do this more often. Come to think of it, the MRT  station in Orchard Road did have some art displayed the last time I was there... which is many months ago.

I love the style of this illustration, so bold and morbid at the same time.
To me it symbolises the broken child within us who has to grow out of fairytales into the real world.

Break the spell...
Ironic that to break the spell of real life, you have to clap your hands for your belief in fantasy.  Encourages audience participation too. I wonder how many Norwegians did clap their hands?

 This cat lady in the glass display somehow reminds me of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. I really felt like an Alice as I gazed down in wonderment at the ingenuity of the artist. I regret not taking down more info about the artist, whom I'm sure is a her.

Ok, I know I might have started this photo diary in the opposite, from details to the wide-shot, and posting the photos one month late... tsk tsk tsk. But you know, sometimes artists don't like to follow rules...

:) pixy the birthday gal

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