Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Leon and the Place Between

The other day while going organic warehouse shopping with Hobbit (we bought 10 cartons of organic rice milk amongst other stuff) we popped by Borders which I spotted on the way. Borders! My favourite bookstore in Singapore....brings back happy memories of hours just spent on browsing through books and strolling amongst mountains of knowledge and stories and tales.

This is how it looks like in London... but it's closing down! boohoo
Mr Hobbit spotted this wonderful book and I couldn't resist not taking it home with me. It's beautiful...

I opened up the book and walked into the magical circus of Leon...

One page flips over to become a panoramic view of the circus. Doesn't the typeface / words remind you of Moulin Rouge, the movie? It's fantastic.

Hobbs was very much into the look of wonder on his face...and look at the typeface. The enormous effort to put this book together must be applauded.

Leon eagerly pops into the magician's box...

The magician looks through the window as Leon falls through the hole into the Place Between... It is an actual window on the page, cut out to show the magician.

Closeup of the magician
What a Place Between it is... filled with lost bunnies, gloves, cards and tricks. And an Arabian boy in transit just like Leon...

Leon got called back, and he appeared with a bunny souvenir

His li'l sis asked Leon, "Did you really disappear?"
If only she knew what he had experienced :)

Even the credits of the book is not the usual boring stuff...

Thanks to Hobbit who helped hold the pages open so that I can take these pictures. I wanted to show off his beautiful chair (lovingly handpainted) too...

x pixy

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